A smart phone solution for Air plane crash

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 Crash is a mysterious misery. Here is a simplest simple solution for an answer.

We are trying to raise funding to complete the prototype. Please email us at info@indo-mars.com if you like to support this project in anyways.

Airbox -is a simple , cost effective sattlite connected solution that can be applied for Ships, Drones, Rockets, Hikers and many other places.

*** What you see in this video is not a complete solution. Please contact us for more complete version with all the features that are not shown in the video.

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ShenZhen International Inteligent Equipment Industry Expo

Airbox was slected to present and exibit in ShenZhen International Inteligent Equipment Industry Expo at ShenZhen, China , July 2015

Airbox  expo Airbox at expo

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