Next Generation Software Technologies

  • Indo-mars - a forward thinking high tech Internet software solution providing company, located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The Boeing company says,

" Twenty years from now we'll be putting families in space. What will you be doing? "

We foresee, we will be the one making earthmates to chat with Spacemates. We believe we will be providing complete "InterPlanet(IP)" Communications and S-Commerce(Space-Commerce) when the space era starts.

  • We provide end to end state of the art solutions for Web, cloud, mobile and desktop Platforms. Our focus areas spans through  Social Networking, Graph, Mobile, Big Data, Machine learning, applications using "Open Source Frameworks and Architecture" for Enterprise, start-up and small businesses

  • Technology Incubators: We partner with start-ups to develop prototype  applications,  help them to raise  Angel / VC   funding.


Our strengths - "Deliver state of the art technology solutions in an innovative and cost effective ways"

Products and Services


  • Training: DevInnovators Series

    Developers are the Heroes of Silicon Valley and for the 21st century.

    The Universe is unfolding an enormous era of innovations. Software becoming like air on earth and even beyond.

    DevInnovators Series - Takes you through rapid learning method - 'Tear down method' with an emphasis for innovation.
    We teach ,

  • 1. DevInnovator - User Interface
  • AngularJS, Angular Material / Bootstrap, REST APIs, Unite test , build, Packaging Tools

  • 2. DevInnovator - Full Stack
  • NodeJS, MongoDB, AngularJS, Angular Material . Goto DevInnovators Series

  • Start-up Incubator Program

    This is an exclusive program to our DevInnovators series students only, for now.

  • Software Design , Development and Research

    We design and develop software solutions for Mobile, Web, Cloud and any N-tier solutions. We practice Silicon Valley's cutting edge technology solutions as a standard.

    Current tecnologies we support includes:

    Node.js, Angular.js, Microsoft .Net, Java, REST, IOT, SOA architecture, MVC, EF, WCF, WPF, J2EE, MSSQL , Oracle, MySQL, Python, Mongodb, neo4j graphdb, Jquery, Jquerymobile, Html5, Umbraco, Liferay , CMS, Google Apps, Google Appengine, Amazon AWS, Azure, Android, Black Berry, Windows phone8, FireFox OS, IOS, Sales Force, Sugar CRM

  • IM Rapid Solutions

    We provide instant solutions with Customization like open source Content Management system (CMS), CRM, Email Campaign and Marketing solutions

  • Graphics and Concept Design

    Corporate websites, Product or Story concepts

  • Products

  • Campeen

    A simple and powerful Digital Marketing and Campaign Solution

    Campeen is a Digital marketing and Campaign tool with ease for small business and enterprises. Campeen - works in most platforms like mobile, web and email plugins (Office365/Gmail)

  • Mome (Mottify Me!)

     Silicon Valley Conference

    Make better citizens with affordable counseling

    You can Add new motivation or Affirmations , edit existing ones, and click to play and listen it as many times as you want. Check with us for an advanced version of this app with great features that completely travels with you all your life and mentoring you in to great successful, prosperous life!

  • AgileCom

    Enterprise Agile Project Management

    It is a simple and effective enterprise multi sector agile project management software with mobile and browser interfaces. An innovative way of keep records of daily scrum meetings and track the progress from the bottom up hierarchy in the organization with realtime visualization. It gives great control over the progress and status at any time

  • AirBox

    A smartphone solution for Air / Marine Crash

     Silicon Valley Conference

    A smartphone solution for Air / Marine Crash - design concept

  • Free Tools:

    EmailPicky 4.0

    EmailPicky is a plugin for Thunderbird V 1.5-33.0. Helps you to grab emails from any email folders. (Useful for your contacts and email news letter management)

    Grab email addresses from emails from any selected Email Folder and add them to your contacts. (Email Crawler / Email ID Grabber / Bounced email collector) - Thunderbird Plugin


Customers and Partners

  • Customers
  • Silicon Valley Film Festival



  • Silicon Valley Conference

     Silicon Valley Conference


  • Partners
  • Microsoft Partner Java

  • Technologies

    .Net SOA, MVC, EF,WCF, WPF J2EE MySQL, Python, Mongodb, neo4j graphdb, IIS, Apache, Tomcat, C#.Net, C,Java, JSP, JDBC, Xml, Xsd, AWS, Azure, Android, BB, Windows phone8, FireFox OS,ios 

About us

  • ShyamSundar


    Shyam has great passion in design and creativity . He has his Masters in Graphics Design. Besides his main focus on the company's business development and partner relations, he also heads the Design and Creativity team. He loves motorcycles, movies, cricket and the city of Chennai

  • Moorthi PV


    PV has great passion about Technology innovation and creativity. He had been chasing the technology for more than 20 years. He has been working in Silicon Valley in many levels. He is looking after companies product line, Software development and delivery. He loves Technology, movies, hiking, motorcycle rides , people, nature and its a long list! He has done his bachelors degree in Computer Science.

  • Clara Smith


    Clara is creative , fun loving , witty person in the team. She plans social, email and Internet marketing for all our products and for our partners. She enjoys chatting in all media, all times, very engaging person, loves movies and friends. She has done her masters degree in Computer Application.

  • G.S.Vetrivel


    G.S.Vetrivel is working in IT for more than 15 years. He successfully delivered many Software products in his career and now looking after the Development center in India. He holds Masters in Mathematics!. He is a great singer - loves music! , movies, traveling, gadgets

  • Mr.A.Chandrasekaran P.M.P

    A.Chandrasekaran popularly known as Chandra has more than 20 years of experience in the IT field. He is a post graduate in Management and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He had worked as Sr. Vice President in companies like Telesis, Scandent Group DSQ Software Ltd., based out of Singapore and Chennai. Worked with various clients in more than 15 countries like CSC - UK, CISCO- USA, Deutsche Bank - Ministry of Singapore, ADNOC, IBM - Japan, and Volkswagen - Germany. He has achieved ISO 9000:2000 and People Developer certification for Singapore operations. He offers Project Management Training ,he has created more than 100 PMI certified Project Mangers.


Contact us

  • Silicon Valley, CA USA:

    1111, W. EL Camino Real, 109-174, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

  • Chennai, India

    Chitlapakkam, Chennai, TN. India

  • info @ indo-mars . com

.Net SOA architecture, MVC, EF,WCF, WPF J2EE , MSSQL , Oracle, PL/SQL, Toad, MySQL, Python, Mongodb, neo4j graphdb, IIS, Apache, Tomcat, VB.NET MCP , C#.Net, VC++, C Java, Jquery, Jquerymobile, Anqularjs, Html5, Umbraco, Liferay , cms, Google Apps, Google Appengine, Amazon AWS, Azure, Android, BB, Windows phone8, FireFox OS,ios